Yana mahallada duv-duv gap
Valijon Shamshiyev
Shuxrat abbosov
Suratga olish jarayoni
Suratga olish jarayoni
Suratga olish jarayoni
Shuxrat Abbosov

(O`zbek) «Karib dengizi qaroqchilari -5» filmi haqida

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About Us

The Film Company “Dono Productions” is a Public Limited Company founded with “Dono nashriyoti” (Dono publisher) on November, 2015. The company produces feature and documentary films, series, cartoons, TV shows and new media projects. It was licensed by its main activity and considered as a stable organization with material and technical base. The Dono Productions Company  has qualified personnel with awide experience of work.

  • Films

    – artistic and documentary films, cartoons;

  • TV Shows

    – TV Shows, TV serials;

  • Music

    – musical projects, concerts;

  • Advertising

    – advertising and promotional services.

Reviews About Us

Shuhrat Abbosov

-The film company Dono Productions  possesses  great aims to success.  Due regard is given to interrelation  between the younge  and old generations.  I wish you good luck in the world of cinema!

Shuhrat AbbosovFilmmaker
Dilbar Ikromova

– The uzbek cinematography needed such kind of new and full of strength company. I really hope that the artworks of  this organization will surprise the world of cinema with a successful outcome.

Dilbar IkromovaActress
Sanjar Shodiyev

– For today, not only in our country but in the Central Asia there are few film companies standing in the World stage. It selected the right path with the new  ways of thinking, creation and  ingenuity will conquer significant peaks.

Sanjar ShodiyevFilmmaker
Madrahim Karimov

– As the young filmmaker I believe that I can  make my dreams come true  in this organization.  I do hope that I will implement my achieved  educational  knowledge and skills with Dono Productions.

Madrahim KarimovFilmmaker